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The Tech & Science Behind Land Life

Land Life is redefining nature restoration efforts worldwide with cutting-edge science and technology. Discover how we apply technology to nature-based reforestation, using innovation and expertise to maximize our impact on climate, biodiversity and local communities.

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Innovation Applied at Every Stage for Quality, Scale and Transparency

We believe that high-quality reforestation is the only way to restore nature at scale. We apply tech and science at every stage of our process, including design, planting and monitoring, which means we constantly learn and improve.

01 / Design

Design: Blueprinting Nature’s Comeback

Our proprietary analysis and prediction systems study extensive data on existing forests to optimize and emulate nature’s complex processes. The result? A smart and data-driven restoration plan tailored to each local environment which maximizes our impact before the planting even begins.


Data Analysis For Tailored Site Evaluation

We developed an analysis engine that studies layers and layers of datasets to help us determine if a new site is suitable for reforestation.


Carbon Capture Projections For Unparalleled Accuracy

To analyze and optimize our impact, we developed a model that produces the most locally accurate and globally applicable carbon capture and nature impact projections available.


Optimal Mix of Native Tree Species For Resilience

We plant the right tree in the right place. Using data from our own and external datasets, we plant resilient, healthy forests by applying technology on the ground.


Planting: Beyond the Shovel for Scale and Resilience

We turn planting into a precise science. Using innovations like the Cocoon, smart-coated seeds, automated planting vehicles, and more, we enable growth, quality, speed and scale restoring degraded lands


The Iconic Land Life Cocoon

Our first innovation. This cardboard doughnut transformed the reforestation landscape, making planting trees in arid regions easier than ever.


Monitoring: Tracking Our Impact On Nature

We monitor our progress from the ground, air and space. As we measure the quality, growth and survival rate of the trees, we feed our datasets for future project designs.

data collection

Proprietary Monitoring For Precise Tracking

We developed the world's leading reforestation database to collect information on our plantings so we can learn and constantly improve.

Land Life Sia

Your Nature Restoration Dashboard For Real Transparency

Our exclusive global nature restoration dashboard allows companies & landowners to learn about the impact they are making with updates from projects, stories, and transparent data they can share.

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The Ripple Effect of Our Innovation

Each aspect of Land Life’s tech and science feeds the next. It creates a circular system of tech and science that enables us to make a visible impact on biodiversity, climate and local communities, in a way that simply would not be possible without these innovations.



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