3 ways planting trees is a home run for CSR goals  

More and more businesses are making corporate social responsibility a top priority to reduce any negative impact they may have on people and the planet. Reforestation is a golden ticket for companies that want to hit their CSR goals out of the park. Here’s why: 

Above and beyond  

Reforestation obviously helps a company reduce their carbon footprint, but the benefits for people and the environment go beyond that. By planting trees, you are:

  • Removing CO2 from the atmosphere and filtering the air we breathe; 
  • Revitalizing vital ecosystems – from bringing back wildlife to areas they have abandoned to helping endangered species become more stable; 
  • Restores degraded soils and land, which in turn increases water quality; and
  • Can help local communities economically and culturally, by bringing tourism, providing jobs and training, and bringing life back to their lands. 

Contributes to UN SDGs and tackles climate change 

As you can already tell, reforestation has a lot to offer. This is why it goes hand and hand with a number of UN sustainable development goals, including climate action. We believe there is no greater tool than a tree to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This is why we use a variety of technology to help us plant at scale and grow resilient forests, with future climate changes in mind. We want to have the biggest impact possible. The amount of capture varies with types of tree species and location, but, for example, about 4-5,000 diverse, native trees can capture an estimated 1,000 tons of carbon in 40 years. This would restore forests on land the length of 6.5 soccer fields. The visual below illustrates what just one metric ton of carbon looks like. 

By Carbon Visuals


Boosts morale 

Show employees, investors and customers that your company is dedicated to having a positive impact. Planting trees is a great way to boost morale. It is tangible, transparent and genuinely makes a difference for the environment and local communities. Leading by example and inspiring others earns a well-deserved positive image. Simply put, it is good for people and business. 


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