A sneak peek into our client trip to Spain

It has been a memorable year for Land Life Company. We successfully increased the scale of our plantings, international teams and new innovative technology. This has enabled us to take on larger-scale plantings like the ones we’re executing this fall and winter in Northern Spain, with approximately 450.000 trees that will reforest 490 hectares of degraded land! 

We also welcomed an array of new clients who wanted to experience our operations and get their hands dirty planting trees themselves. This past December, 17 participants from companies like Mondelez, Zadelhoff and Lundin traveled from Geneva, London and Amsterdam to Spain and stayed with us in Cervera de Pisuerga, near our planting site at Tarilonte de la Pena. 


Spain is one of the countries most seriously affected by desertification in Europe, due to excessive deforestation, forest fires and clearing for grazing and agriculture. Our clients participated in a planting that will eventually restore approximately 100 hectares in the vicinity of Tarilonte. After an explanation on our planting practices and cocoon technology from Land Life Company’s Spanish operations team, everybody eagerly took a shovel in their hand and started digging!

Due to snow in the previous week, it was difficult to work with the soil. But this didn’t stop anyone. After a couple of hours of solid work, all teams managed to plant at least ten trees each! 

Later in the afternoon, we visited our planting site near Guardo, where plantings previously took place in the spring of 2019, where clients had the chance to see the monitoring app we use for tracking trees and experiments, all of which allows us to build upon our techniques and continue increasing the survival rate of our trees. 

The trip ended on Wednesday afternoon, but not before we did a site visit to Matamorisca, which was one of our first large-scale plantings in the area.

“We were really excited to show and explain first-hand to clients what we do in the field. The whole structure of the trip was really effective, as we started with a new site where they planted our cocoons; then we visited a 6-month-old planting site; and we ended with the 2-year-old site in Matamorisca. This allowed them to see a nice progression of plantings and results,” said Land Life Company operations manager Hielke Heida.

So what did our clients think of the trip? 

 It was a wonderful experience. We learned a lot and were impressed with the dedication and knowledge Land Life has around tree planting, carbon capture/offsetting,measurement etc. It was great to be outside and hear from others why they embarked on the journey with Land Life, their challenges and how they plan to solve them,” Said Susanne Nowak, Brand Manager at Mondelez. 


We would like to thank all of our clients who joined us on this trip!