A word from shareholder Alan Chan, Vectr Ventures

Ever since I was young, I have had a strong conviction that nature is something to be treasured and cared for. Growing up and working in my family’s Hong Kong real estate business, taught me that careful consideration of the environment and local communities is vital to growing a healthy business. In my current position as a venture capitalist, I believe we must use technology to rethink our modern world. How can we meet demands, but not destroy in the process?

Here at Vectr Ventures, we believe in companies that not only have high potential to provide financial returns but also solve daily life challenges for consumers. We want to invest in solving problems, from both a consumer standpoint and on a global scale. To that end, we look at companies in agriculture and natural resources – the backbone to life on this planet.

Innovation is key; finding new technologies to solve old problems. We believe in Land Life Company because of the financial and socioeconomic impact restoring drylands can have globally. Everyone who hears the Land Life story and its vision to help restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land understands the need and wants them to succeed. As an investor, my hope is that Land Life Company keeps enhancing its capabilities across the nature restoration value chain to become a significant player in this global restoration mission. And as a global citizen, I hope we can start to tilt the scales in our favour by decreasing the rate at which we are producing waste and increasing the rate at which we are restoring nature.



Alan Chan