Back That Tree Up – Why Data Science Is Essential for Planting at Scale

Technological innovation is essential when reforesting areas of scale. To ensure the greatest impact, each individual in the TechTeam specialises in a particular branch of technology, forming a holistic, effective approach. Previously, we had our drone fanatic Gautham explain how technology reduces the uncertainty factor when planting in challenging environments. 

This week, our Data Scientist and Product Developer, Tom Janmaat, discusses the huge transformation data will have on reforestation. Tom is an avid cyclist; currently finishing his Masters in Business Informatics at Utrecht University.


“Data is essential for all stages of planting, before-during-after.”


What is your role at Land Life Company? 

I control the flow of data through the entire Land Life Company system. I am very involved in working with data collected from the drones and getting it into our system. Data is essential for all stages of planting, before-during-after. My mission is to make it easier, internally and externally, to understand and use data, both for clients and for the operations of our projects. 

What is this monitoring app your team have developed? And why is it so important? 

The monitoring app is used to input tree data in our database. It helps us manage our plantings efficiently and easily. This makes it possible to increase the speed at which we monitor data, allowing us to learn from our plantings.

And has it been already used?

In Spain, at the start of summer, we managed to monitor 1,000 trees in a day! That’s a lot of data. Since then, we have managed to use it more and more like our site in El Bruc, Spain and in Zambia. The more it’s used the greater the data and information we have to share with clients. 


“The public and private sector have increasing pressures to take responsibility for their contribution to climate change.”


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Working with Land Life Company, who have such strong values is what I really enjoy.

There is so much trust and respect for everyone who works here, that the team grows together. I am developing myself in skills that are very relevant to my studies and what I see myself working in, in the future. 

What is your view on how Land Life Company can help companies take responsibility? 

The public and private sector have increasing pressures to take responsibility for their contribution to climate change. So the market for services like Land Life Company is only growing and growing. People of my age have seen that this is a very urgent matter and have grown up seeing the problem evolve into something catastrophic. There is a need for companies to become more responsible and held accountable for the impact they have. In the future, the demand for services like ours will only grow.