Better, Faster, Stronger – the new Cocoon!

In our quest to optimize implementation of our planting projects and improve results, we take feedback from the field very seriously. One of the issues that came to our attention was that if Cocoons did not sit properly level in the hole, the lids would come undone, resulting in potential water loss through evaporation.

Another issue we noted was planting crews heaping too much soil on top of the lid. Especially in combination with rainfall this can cause the lid to collapse. In addition, when the lid is covered in soil, people are oblivious of what lies beneath their feet and can step on the Cocoon causing damage to Cocoon and seedling.

For these reasons, our Research & Development team set about designing a robust new lid. This design can take heavier loads with its structural concentric rim, and as it is not entirely covered in soil, accidental trampling is prevented. Instead of a flat lid surface in the old lid version, the new lid comprises of self draining surfaces, keeping the lid dry after a rain event, with water draining inwards to benefit the tree seedling. The outer rim of the Cocoon has been extended downwards, which allows an easy fit onto the reservoir, even when the Cocoon has not been placed entirely level.