Breaking ground with the world’s first Head of Reforestation Partnerships 

Rebel with a cause 

As a reforestation scaleup, it is always exciting to grow the company. Though, the moment we had to create a whole new role from scratch to meet the demand of reforesting degraded land, is when things really sunk in.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Carlo Wesseling, the world’s first Head of Reforestation Partnerships. In this new role, Carlo will focus on coordinating land partnerships around the globe, as well as developing and implementing a strategic view on our new geographies.




Q: We hear you have an interesting background. Tell us a little about what you’ve done in the past?

Carlo: I was an officer in the Army engineer corps for more than 15 years with several missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Army, I worked as a project director at Justdiggit, setting up new re-greening projects in Africa. After that, I was asked to come back to the Ministry of Defense to help set up the Innovation Center (FRONT) as deputy director, linking technological startups to the armed forces and contributing to the development of the innovation strategy. For the last almost three years, I have been fortunate enough to work at the Ocean Cleanup — initially setting up and executing the river operations and later as the head of business development. 

As you can hear, I have a very diverse background. I think this helps me tie together a lot of  aspects that come together at Land Life Company. From technological innovation to reforestation projects and operations to strategy development. I believe in  building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, which in my role will be crucial. 


Q: What are you most excited about for your new role? 

Carlo: There is a very solid foundation and a lot of knowledge in Land Life Company, and I really look forward to working with the team to transform that knowledge into future plans, as well as successfully executing those plans. I also look forward to being part of the team in the broader sense of the word. Helping out and sharing insights where I can, facilitating the further development of the company. Finally, I look forward to traveling again as it has been a while, and I look forward to visiting new and existing projects, meeting the local teams and partners and to better understand their perspectives.


Q: What are some of your big goals over the next 6 months? 


  1. Building on the existing partnerships to grow as much as possible in the short term.
  2. Set up new partnerships in Europe and in other geographies.
  3. Building on the know-how of the organization to come to a joint growth strategy for the land pipeline.  


Q: What about Land Life grabbed your attention? 

Carlo: A lot comes together at Land Life Company. My love for nature and trees in particular, as well as technology, building partnerships, an amazing crew to learn from, pionering a road less traveled, and making the world a better place for future generations. 


Q: What are some of your hobbies? 

Carlo: Amateur everything. The ones that stuck over the years are photography, motorcycle riding, sports (running/cycling) and (board) games.

To learn more about the projects and partnerships Carlo will be working on, see where plant trees.