Land Life Company speaks at CIFOR-ICRAF Digital Forum

“Can tree planting save our planet”

Planting trees is a growing trend to tackle climate change, just as it should be. But even with the best intentions and large pledges being made, in order for successful reforestation to work, we believe it needs to be supported by solid science and site-specific planting techniques. 

This is why Land Life Company’s head of research and development, Harrie Lovenstein, was happy to join the panel at CIFOR-ICRAF’s digital forum, “Can tree planting save our planet.” The event was in collaboration with the Global Landscapes Forum, and brought together scientists, forestry experts, community leaders, investors and policymakers on September 29 to discuss how tree planting efforts can be developed to help people and the planet.

Leading the panel, Dr Ramni Jamnadass, principal scientist and leader for ICRAF, opened the session by saying: “To overcome planting pitfalls, science and technology has generated a richness and a range of promising technological solutions. In combination, these can maximize and balance restoration programs while multiplying ecological and social goals.” 

Harrie Lovenstein, Land Life Company Head of Research and Development

With thoughtful comments from event attendees already streaming in under the live video, Harrie began describing how we use data to enhance our tree planting process: 

“Data is the backbone for successful large-scale reforestation efforts. Based on the extensive information we collect, we design intelligent planting maps that guide our tree planting machines and other on-the-ground methods. And we keep collecting data points every time a tree goes into the ground. So, we are getting and planting smarter with every tree.

We should not only focus on the right tree for the right place and for the right purpose, but also improve techniques for tree survival, especially during the difficult tree establishment stage. We evaluate different tree species to help build climate proof forests. We also look at different tree configurations, species mixes and species densities, because we know that trees and communities can help protect each other. It’s not about a single tree, but the community of trees we try to address.

Harrie explained how we use the tree monitoring app we developed in house, as well as drones, to track our trees and why it’s important to share the data with our customers. 

“Data serves a scientific purpose to improve our models, enabling us to explore tree performance in future climates. But it’s also important to share it in our “Customer Dashboard.” This platform helps keep projects transparent and engages our customers in tracking their trees. Involving stakeholders is necessary, as you need people’s engagement for long-term success of the trees.” 

Thank you to CIFOR-ICRAF for bringing experts together to ensure admirable tree planting efforts turn into long-lasting forests that support communities and effectively tackle climate change. 

To learn more about how Land Life Company plants trees and grows healthy, resilient forests, visit our technology page