Cheers To Trees: Our US Pledge For

Our mission at Land Life Company is to restore the world’s two billion hectares of degraded land. Essentially, we are cheering for trees with the intention of growing forests and bringing back nature. To do this, we have projects in varying geographies and experience different types of degradation. The United States is rich in natural forests; however, it is rapidly losing remaining forests, grasslands, deserts, and natural places. It is estimated that every 30 seconds, a football field worth of America’s natural areas disappears to roads, houses, pipelines, and other development. This is an almost crazy pace and has resulted in large amounts of degraded land across the country over the last 150 years.

To combat this, the United States has developed an incredible capacity to protect and restore the natural environments, which is why we have been so keen to get more projects over there, so we can start restoring and be a part of the US restoration process.

1 trillion trees globally by 2030

This is where comes in. Think of them as enthusiastic tree cheerleaders, looking to gather and inspire as many companies, nonprofits, governments, and individuals to join together to create a fresh hype around tree planting. The US Chapter gathers these different actors with a US focus, working towards the goal of conserving, restoring and growing one trillion trees globally by 2030.

Through their practices, they help others embark on tree planting journeys by asking for pledges and ensuring through their support that these pledges translate into action. We are therefore delighted to support them and pledge our commitment to the projects we currently have and will have in the US region. We are super excited that their US chapter will help inspire even more reforestation and conservation and embrace new actors and enthusiasm working together towards a common goal.

In their words, “trees and forests are a critical nature-based solution to climate change. That’s why aims to connect, empower and mobilize a global reforestation community to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees globally by 2030.”

The operations of the US chapter are led by a Secretariat, made up of staff from the World Economic Forum and American Forests. The purpose of the Secretariat is to help entities develop pledges and after the pledge, ensures action by providing technical assistance by aiding climate-informed forestry, tracking the progress of each pledge and connecting all of the participants in the U.S. Chapter into a dynamic global community.