From Dust Bowl to Flourishing Forest

Restoring Clean Air and Nature to Lake Texcoco

By: Octavio (Tavo) Lopez

In 2016, there were almost no trees growing on Texcoco’s former lakebed. Dust from its surface was covering Mexico City and polluting the air.  Over the years, attempts had been made to improve the quality of the degraded soil by planting trees and grasses, however, the extreme saline and alkaline conditions meant survival rates had never surpassed 2%.

Giving Nature A Helping Hand

It was then that Land Life Company was asked by the National Forest Commission. CONAFOR, to give nature a helping hand and help plant 160 hectares (the equivalent of 114 soccer fields) with trees, this time using our Cocoon technology.

The Land Life’s  Cocoon is a tree incubator that increases tree survival rates by providing enough water and nutrients to keep the tree alive, but not so much that that tree becomes dependent on ongoing interventions, such as irrigation. As a result of the Cocoon technology stimulates the development of a strong root system, preparing the tree for an independent and climate resilient life.

The growing forest at Lake Texcoco, Mexico, April 2019.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Today, some three years later, I stand in the shadow of the thousands of Cupressus, Casuarina and Tamarix trees we planted, some of which are already over 8 m tall.  The results speak for themselves. With over an 80% tree survival rate, the young forest is beginning to create good cover for a developing ecosystem of animals and plants, creating biodiversity, clean air and a healthy, green future for generations to come.

From Left to Right: Oscar Hernandez, Octavio (Tavo) Lopez, Willemijn Stoffels and Artemio Montesinos from Land Life Company at Lake Texcoco, Mexico April 2019, surrounded by trees they helped plant in 2016. 

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