Heating your house and restoring nature: Nefit Bosch is making it possible


As a producer of innovative heating systems, Nefit Bosch is committed to creating a social and ecological balance to conduct business sustainably. One of the pillars of their sustainability strategy is to save resources for future generations.

In line with their company wide ambition to become CO2 neutral in 2020, Bosch has introduced a CO2 compensation program in the Netherlands for its high-efficiency boilers. All buyers of a Nefit Bosch boiler will be able to compensate their CO2 emissions for an entire year.



For each participant in the CO2 compensation program, Nefit Bosch will plant the equivalent amount of trees needed to compensate for the emissions of a high-efficiency boiler. The company has chosen to work with Land Life Company to make this possible.

The first year, Nefit Bosch will pay for CO2 compensation, the following year, consumers will have the opportunity to extend the CO2-compensation on their own.

Together with Bosch, Land Life Company is combating desertification and restoring lost biodiversity through reforestation. In addition to the plantings in Spain, Nefit Bosch is also restoring nature at several places in the Netherlands. Sander Keulen, head of Business Development at Land Life Company:

“The Nefit Bosch program demonstrates leadership and shows that this company cares about our planet and future generations. With this reforestation initiative, they are raising the bar for themselves and encouraging their customers to take climate action.”