Introducing Life Terra

In 2020, an initiative co-founded by Land Life Company and Volterra was started to enable individuals to get involved in planting trees and make their own impact on climate change. Life Terra was founded with the idea of being a people-first tree planting service, offering volunteering opportunities and focusing on educating future generations on the importance of sustainability and the impact they can have through their individual action. As such, it is part of the “EU Life” program, which is the EU’s funding instrument, devoting funds and attention to projects taking climate and environmental action and supporting nature conservation. Life Terra was awarded €7 million which was used as seed money to get the foundation going and put it on the map of meaningful conservation projects.

Life Terra is a foundation with a strong and impressive goal of planting 500 million trees across Europe in 5 years, making it one of Europe’s largest community-based climate initiatives. The foundation has a firm understanding of the science and research needed to plant the correct tree in the correct environment and aims to educate communities about the benefits of planting trees as well as to genuinely make a positive impact. This is important because as we at Land Life Company have said time and time again, there is no better tool than a tree to capture carbon and restore nature. 

So how can Life Terra have their fingers in so many different pies as one foundation, and cater for individuals?  Well, one of the really cool things about Life Terra is that it brings together the skills and knowledge of 16 organizations with focused specializations, such as Certh, one of the leading research centers in Greece and listed among the TOP-20 EU research institutions; GYZNY, an internet education company, European Schoolnet, a network of 34 ministries of education in Europe and beyond and Bright Vibes, a digital producer & publisher of Contagiously Inspiring Video Stories, to name a few. These organizations are spread across eight different European countries, using their expertise to help and advise Life Terra so they can have the maximum impact. That is where Land Life Company comes in. We are one of the 16 organizations that help Life Terra bring its tree planting goals a reality. Using our proprietary technology, we can assist Life Terra in optimizing its tree planting. We use the data we have collected to help advise which trees should be planted where, and how to cope with possible risks that come with planting trees in a changing climate. We believe that the more people and organizations that plant trees well, the better!

Another example of an organization working with Life Terra is GYZNY, an internet education company active since 2007. GYZNY primarily focuses on digital learning for primary schools with a reach of 170,000 teachers and 700,000 school children across the EU. In collaboration with Life Terra, they have built a new course teaching kids about sustainability and the impact they can have, both positively and negatively, on the planet. At the end of the course, they will be able to plant a tree with their classmates. This focus on teaching future generations is another reason why Life Terra is such a strong, forward-thinking foundation and ultimately demonstrates the value of working with organizations with specific specializations in different fields. 

At Land Life Company, we frequently get asked if we have volunteer opportunities or can help with small-scale plantings, for example, a garden or planting a tree for a loved one. Our business structure focuses on large-scale reforestation, meaning we cannot cater to this kind of request. However, Life Terra’s goal is to plant a tree per person in Europe by 2025. Their structure as a foundation encourages volunteers and means they can plant trees on a smaller scale.

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