Land Life Analysis Engine for Data-Driven Decision Making

Planting design is stage one of our work, and our exclusive Analysis Engine is one of the most important elements of this process. Developed by our dedicated innovation team, this powerful tool streamlines what was once a highly complex procedure – the analysis of potential reforestation projects.

Analyzing Site Suitability

This engine studies layers and layers of datasets to help us determine if a new site is suitable for planting trees. It looks at the temperature, precipitation, elevation, soil classes, and many other factors that determine whether a potential project is suitable for tree planting. 

As we predominantly restore degraded land, we must understand the complexity of a site we might plant on and also use existing forests to determine what species we can plant to build a resilient ecosystem that fosters biodiversity and grows into a thriving forest that will last through changes in climate that may come in the future.

Datasets for Optimal Reforestation

We use a variety of datasets to analyze if a forest should be planted, and if yes, what kind of forest. By using this tool, we are able to understand the suitability of the land by mapping abiotic factors. 

This analysis aims to gain the geospatial analyses needed to create the perfect reforestation project by getting insights that allow us to make better choices, create a technical planting design and establish planting success. 

Generating Automatic Maps and Reports

Through this tool, we can automatically generate maps, graphs and analytics for potential new planting sites. 

Ultimately, this is stage one as it tells us whether a project can go forward or not and helps our team on the ground plant the right tree in the right place at the right time using the right methods to maximize our holistic impact.