Land Life Company is seeking a Software Engineer

This is us

Our mission is to help restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land with sustainable approaches and disruptive technologies. We plant trees at scale across the globe to kickstart ecosystems and support the communities that depend on them. We are based in the Netherlands with offices in Spain and the US. We work with corporations to compensate for their CO2 emissions by investing in reforestation, governments and large-scale NGO’s to rebuild nature, create carbon sinks and reconnect people and the planet. We are a fast growing company and are constantly bringing new business models and climate solutions to our customers and partners. In 2013, the company was founded by Jurriaan Ruys (former McKinsey partner) and Eduard Zanen (founder of Bugaboo). With an estimated 3 million trees to be planted worldwide in 2020, Land Life Company is becoming a global leader in ecosystem restoration.

This is the role

We are looking for a software engineer with strong JavaScript knowledge and a solid understanding of modern JS frameworks like React and Vue Work. The role asks for a generalist/learner attitude, who is comfortable working across a range of languages and frameworks. The type of developer that is comfortable switching between frontend and backend work. When the candidate encounters a novel problem, they ask questions, dig into the documentation and find the right solutions. The mindset is “leaving code better than you found it”, but also realize that solving business problems is the principal purpose of the code.

This is you:
  • At least 2-3 years of relevant experience building production-grade applications with a modern JavaScript framework, preferably React/React Native/VueJS.
  • Solid understanding of how web applications and relational databases work. HTTP, REST APIs, Web Protocols, SQL, ORMs, etc.
  • Can work independently and set their own deadlines and priorities.
  • Possesses strong communication skills and enjoys discussing projects, requests and requirements with people in different roles and functions.
  • Willingness to travel as needed
  • English fluency required

Additional beneficial experience:

  1. Experience with React Native or mobile development
  2. Experience with Django/Python in the past to build REST APIs
  3. Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems or Mapping tools that LLC can use in our apps (Google Maps, Mapbox,, PostGIS, GeoJSON, etc.)
  4. Have experience with JS data visualizations libraries such as d3, chartJS, ThreeJS, etc.

Land Life Company uses an inhouse-developed web application and an iOS/Android App that play a central role in our planting process. The web application is used to administer our plantings, receive and process incoming measurements and to provide data analysis on the results gathered. The mobile app is used to perform on-site tree monitoring and relies heavily on mobile GPS/Geolocation services. You will be responsible for maintaining, improving and expanding both of these applications, but your main focus will be the mobile app and frontend web app. Additionally, we are also working on obtaining tree and planting data in new ways: drones, satellites and planting machines, which will lead to exciting software projects

Our current tech stack is comprised of Python, Django, Postgres/PostGIS, VueJS(Web App) deployed on Google Cloud Platform, and React Native for our mobile app. We use Bitbucket for version control and CI/CD.

How to apply

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible so interviews will start on a rolling basis. Please submit your CV and cover letter to