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Land Life Company makes Cleantech’s ’50 to Watch’ list

Cleantech Group included Land Life Company to this year’s ’50 to Watch’ list. An annual list that combines the most promising companies delivering high-impact solutions to tackle the world’s most urgent challenges.

“50 to Watch companies give their all to achieve profitable impact. Together they form a roadmap to a more sustainable future.”

—Jules Besnainou, Director at Cleantech Group.

Our mission is to restore two billion hectares of degraded land, the size of the United States and China combined.

“We are not able to reforest this world alone. I would like to see similar companies crop up in the next few years.”

—Jurriaan Ruys, CEO at Land Life Company, in this interview with Jules Besnainou for Cleantech Group.

The 50 to Watch Summit in Paris

On November 14th, more than 20 founders of these 50 companies will be speaking at the 50 to Watch Summit in Paris. Juriaan Ruys will join this conversation sharing Land Life Company’s ambitious goals and progress to date in a talk called “How We Fit In Nature.”

Impact You Can See

To restore degraded land on a large scale, Land Life Company develops innovative technologies and business models that enable companies to offset their CO2 emissions, engage with local communities all around the world, and much more.