Land Life Company Seeks US Director

This Is Us

Our mission is to reforest the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land, addressing climate change at scale and without apology.

We develop and deploy sustainable, disruptive technologies to plant and nurture trees at scale, kick-start healthy ecosystems and support the communities which depend on them. Climate-conscious brands, NGOs and governments work with us to go beyond neutralizing carbon emissions and make a meaningful change for future generations.

Land Life was founded in 2013 by Jurriaan Ruys (former McKinsey partner) and Eduard Zanen (founder of Bugaboo) on the conviction that a business approach and innovative technology solutions are critical to rebuilding this planet. We are headquartered in Amsterdam, with teams in the US, Spain, and Mexico.

The Role

Our new Director will shape the success of Land Life North America by translating the sustainability goals of climate-conscious global corporations, NGOs and Governments into tangible reforestation investments.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to, developing the region’s business success, managing and developing the team and coordinating with Amsterdam on commercial, operational and marketing initiatives. Our preference is to locate this role in Washington DC or San Francisco and we will also consider applications from Los Angeles, Sacramento, Boston or New York.

This Is You

  • Relevant senior networks with corporate, NGO and government entities.
  • Entrepreneurial with at least 10-15 years of business development experience.
  • Experience with developing creative, cross-sector partnerships.
  • Understanding of, or experience in, carbon markets, ecosystem services preferred.
  • Able to manage a P&L and an enthusiastic and talented LA-based team.
  • Knowledge of operational and supply chain/logistics acumen highly preferred.
  • Applicants fluent in Spanish preferred.
  • Applicants from BD for climate, forestry, and the environment encouraged to apply, though we’re always open to interesting backgrounds and a passion for impact.


Please submit your CV and cover letter to