Land Life Company speaks at the National Sustainability Congress

What inspires companies to invest in reforestation?

Did you know reforestation is not only an amazing solution to climate change and land degradation, but it’s also a great way for companies to drive brand differentiation, engagement and commercial value to their core business?

On 7 November, Land Life Company’s Head of Business Development, Sander Keulen, spoke at the National Sustainability Congress (NSC) to a full house about what inspires customers to invest in our reforestation projects. 

The real impact of reforestation is many times greater than the carbon footprint of the customer, including recovery of soil, rebuilding habitat and ecosystems, rain infiltration, cooling and generating income for local communities,” said Sander.

“All of our clients have a sustainability agenda, but their ambitions with Land Life vary. For some clients, we work to offset their carbon emissions and for others we also help boost employee engagement by creating a combined employee and climate action reforestation program. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.” 

The second half of our presentation included Oscar van Zadelhoff of BeFrank, who recently worked with Land Life to launch a CO2 neutral pension plan, which will create positive returns for both people and the planet.

“We believe the advantages for clients are manifold. This is not only about planting trees, but it helps local communities and supports various Sustainable Development Goals,” said Oscar. “The benefits may not be directly financial, but we see that other factors, such as increasing public support and a better reputation are strong marketing tools for companies.” 

BeFrank believes this is a compelling and distinguishing product for a growing market segment. And we couldn’t agree more. We hope to have inspired all visitors of our workshop to see reforestation projects as multipurpose projects.


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