Land Life Company virtually speaks at Cleantech Interactive  

Investing in Nature

Last year, Cleantech added Land Life Company to their “50 to Watch,” an annual list that highlights promising companies that deliver high-impact solutions for tackling the world’s most urgent challenges. This year, Cleantech Interactive, an online series of events, was launched to ensure that experts and pioneers stay connected and share their experience and ideas with other changemakers.   

This summer, Land Life Company CEO, Jurriaan Ruys, spoke at Cleantech Interactive’s “Investing in Nature” event, which highlighted how innovators and investors are turning to nature-based solutions to combat the climate crisis. Experts in reforestation, regenerative agriculture and ocean innovation came together for the discussion. 

Jurriaan Ruys – CEO


Land Life Company CEO, Jurriaan Ruys, speaks with Cleantech’s Director, Jules Besnainow:

JB: Why is sustainable reforestation becoming a business opportunity?

JR: It is a growing industry; and innovation and competition are typical in the private sector, which will greatly benefit reforestation efforts. Three other benefits of approaching reforestation as a business model, include: 1) it increases the scale of reforestation; 2) it reduces the cost; and 3) it improves the quality of reforestation. 

Often we find the practices of reforestation haven’t really changed in the last 300 years. But, in contrast, we’ve seen an incredible amount of innovations in agriculture. I also like to compare this to the solar industry, where we see incredible developments once the competition starts. We think something similar will happen in the reforestation sector. 

JB: How did Land Life Company manage to make sustainable reforestation scalable? 

JR: We developed a business model with end-to-end reforestation services; and selected three mega sites to work in, which includes the U.S., Spain and Australia. We focused on those areas so we could achieve an economy of scale, but to also show more relevant impact — because an incremental tree in itself is not solving a problem. 

We believe in this early stage of the sector, it really helps to innovate and test over the different segments. This is how you get improvements and can expand. Also, by applying technology — such as drones, GPS-guided planting machines and monitoring applications — across our reforestation value chain, we are able to increase the scale and transparency of our tree plantings. 

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