Land Life participates in EU coalition for science-based forest restoration in Europe 

*Press Release*

Land Life is the only private sector partner selected to join the coalition 

Last week, the SUPERB consortium that aims to find systemic solutions for ecosystem restoration in Europe, launched officially. Under the Horizon 2020 agreement, Land Life and its consortium partners will receive substantial funding to experiment on the ground and contribute to the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Forest Strategy through Land Life’s practical work in the field.

Together with universities and knowledge institutions across Europe that are all experts in nature and biodiversity restoration, Land Life is part of the SUPERB consortium: “Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services” SUPERB aims to restore our forest landscape by creating an enabling environment for implementation of forest restoration and adaptation at different scales. Land Life is the only consortium member from the private sector and is joined by highly renowned institutes such as the Danish Nature Agency and King’s College in London. 

Land Life project in Valdeporres, Spain


Large Scale plantings and biodiversity 

​​At the core of SUPERB, concrete restoration actions will be carried out in 12 large-scale demonstration areas, located throughout Europe. The sites are on average 300 hectares and have the potential to scale up to 50.000 hectares each.  These demo areas not only represent the diversity of stressors on European forests and the wide range of necessary restoration actions but also, consider the whole socio-ecological system including people’s manyfold needs for ecosystem goods and services.

Specifically, Land Life Company will focus on creating scalability plans to project the effects of the restoration efforts on biodiversity and ecosystems. 

Arnout Asjes, CTO at Land Life Company: “We are proud and excited to be part of this pioneering group. Not least because of the biodiversity principles that will be guiding in the large-scale project demonstrations. We believe that collaboration is key to achieving transformative change on the ground.”  

About Land Life Company

Land Life Company is a technology-driven reforestation company that plants trees at scale, offering corporations and organizations a sustainable and transparent way to take climate action and compensate carbon emissions through nature restoration. With a mission to help restore the 2 billion hectares of degraded land in the world, Land Life Company applies data and technology, such as drones, artificial intelligence and monitoring applications, to every step of the planting process. Planting trees where it is needed most, Land Life Company’s projects revitalize important ecosystems, improve biodiversity and create social and economic benefits to local communities. It’s impact you can see.