Land Life plants one million trees with Achmea

Together with Dutch insurance company Achmea, Land Life Company will plant approximately one million trees over the coming three years. The first year, trees have been planted in Australia and Iceland. The reforestation program is part of Achmea’s ambition to achieve climate neutral operations by 2030. 

— Iceland


As of 2011, Achmea has been compensating its footprint by purchasing credits. For the long term, the company is now investing in reforestation projects with Land Life. This is in line with the EU Action Plan against global warming, which aims to plant 3 billion trees before 2050. 

Land Life Company is creating a carbon sink for Achmea that will draw down 200.000 tons of CO2 over the coming 40 years. More than 900 hectares of degraded land will be restored by planting hundreds of thousands of trees, boosting biodiversity and supporting local communities, among many other co-benefits. 

“As a cooperative insurance company, we want to contribute to a healthy, safe and futureproof society. We do this in various ways, for our customers, with our investments and of course we also look at our own operations. We are working towards carbon neutral operations in 2030. We are scaling down our footprint by looking into our energy usage, our mobility, waste and use of paper. We want to compensate for the residual emissions in the most sustainable way. Planting one million trees is an important part thereof.”

— Bianca Tetteroo, CEO at Achmea

“Land Life Company was very pleased to welcome Achmea on board as an investor. It is great that we now have the opportunity to join forces in the field to take CO2 out of the air and restore degraded land.”

Tjeerd Anema, CEO at Land Life Company.