Meet Gaia

Our Reforestation Dashboard From The Field To You

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother of all nature. She heals, nurtures, nourishes and supports life on our planet as the goddess that wholly embodies the earth. The name Gaia carries a lot of meaning and with that a lot of weight; it is a statement in itself. Climate change and the necessity for significant effort to reverse the damage already done means we are now at a stage where we need to use every means available to us to ensure we maintain the Earth as a fit environment for life. 

Technology has always been at the core of Land Life Company. Our data-driven approach to reforestation means we use technology to track and drive our progress in the field, ensuring we constantly use data from previous projects to improve our knowledge and overall impact. 

With that in mind, we would like to introduce and launch our very own reforestation dashboard made to reforest more transparently. Mother nature calls, and Gaia answers. 

Gaia is not only a tool; she is our window into the field, telling us project stories, capturing live images and tracking the nitty-gritty details. Gaia can tell us how tall our trees are, how many trees are planted and the amount of CO2 they are expected to capture over the next 40 years. 


Transparent Planting

Gaia has one purpose: to create a transparent tree planting experience. We want our customers to know exactly what is going on in the field. We want our customers to have a newsreel of stories and images they can share and use to show the impact they are actually making. We want our customers to feel wholly involved in the planting process. Gaia fulfills those wishes, giving customers the unique opportunity to track their progress without having to travel to some of the degraded land areas which are harder to reach. 

An example of what Gaia has to offer and how we envisage her being not only a tool but also a source of inspiration is our demo dashboard, displaying stories and content from some of our projects, for example, Fresno de Rodilla in Spain. Immediately Gaia updates how many trees have been planted for the customer logged in, the tons of carbon sequestered and the hectares of land restored to date. A map is visible showing exactly where the project is located and she calculates vigor as well as survival rate. Regularly uploaded stories underline the progress and give customers a broader understanding of all the other reforestation benefits. 

Gaia creates a commercial dialogue, giving a clear sight into how we do what we do and the important impacts projects are having. Carbon is one part of a much more complex picture that Gaia helps demonstrate. She ensures our projects really are impact you can see.