More trees. More restored land. And more habitat for the Ocelot

Restoration project in south Texas expands

We are happy to report that another 75,000 seedlings on 183 acres have been planted in south Texas. This planting in Sal Del Rey is a continuation of our efforts to help restore habitat, especially important to the federally endangered Ocelot and many other wildlife species, that was lost to farming and urbanization. 

Our ecological restoration manager in Texas, Emily Merlo, tells us, “It’s a humbling process to be a part of.  To see a habitat that is so scarred by man’s activity, and to be instrumental in changing that habitat back to what it once was, is very powerful. Now that we’ve planted trees to restore the land as it once was, I hope to come back in 40 years and experience this ecosystem how it was meant to be.” 

Take a look at the start to finish of this most recent tree planting:

The planting begins.

Checking the plantings.

Digging away.

And that’s a wrap!


On the last day of planting, we received the best gift — rain!

Watch this video to learn more about our reforestation project in south Texas.