Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Ways to celebrate your holiday sustainably 

Tis the season to decorate our homes with holiday cheer, hanging stockings and adding lights along the mantle. But Christmas décor wouldn’t be complete without a tree strung with tensile and bulbs for all to see.    

Some of the most common types of “Christmas trees” are fir, pine and spruce. At Land Life Company, we have planted a number of native fir and pine trees in locations such as the Netherlands, Spain, the U.S. and Mexico. Even though they don’t have decorations, we can consider them “holiday trees” this season for the monarch butterfly and other wildlife

As we are a big fan of growing trees and not cutting them down, we wanted to offer some ways to make your holiday season more sustainable.  

Ways to reduce your Christmas tree’s footprint:

1  Buy a potted tree and keep it growing. If you or someone you know has a spot in their garden, the tree can continue absorbing carbon dioxide, and you can even reuse it the following year! Due to the production of plastics and metals for a large artificial tree, it would take an estimated 10 years of reuse to lower its impact to that of a real tree.

2  Foster a tree! That’s right, you can foster a living tree for the holiday season and return it, where it will be replanted and cared for throughout the year. Our very own customer success manager, Anne Claire Vernède, is doing this right now in Amsterdam. 

Anne Claire and her foster Christmas tree.


3  If there isn’t an option to keep or foster a tree, consider buying one close to home and make sure it’s locally-grown (reducing transportation). Also, avoid dumping or burning it, and consider recycling it via compost or wood chipper. There are businesses and organizations who provide this service. 

If a tree doesn’t head to the landfill, it can reduce its footprint by 80 percent, according to the BBC. There are a lot of ways to be more sustainable, and we think starting this holiday is a good first step. 

Everyone here at Land Life Company wishes you a very merry and green Christmas!