Our journey: from land partnerships to tree planting

A peek into how growing a forest begins

This time of the year, our operations team is going full speed ahead in the field to get our trees in the ground. The way we plant is not as simple and straightforward as finding a spot and putting a tree there. There is so much more involved. In this blog, we take you along on our journey from land partnership to planting. 

  1. Access to land

We plant trees around the world, and the rules of the process differ per geography. But no matter where we work, it all starts with finding the right planting sites. As many landowners are new to our high-tech and commercial reforestation effort, we spend a lot of time working directly with them. Our dedicated land partnerships managers in the U.S., Spain and other locations work hard to build these relationships. 

2. The technical plan

After we sign a contract, it’s time for our tech team to begin their work. Our reforestation experts carry out a soil and climate analysis to create a technical plan that defines what we are going to plant, when we are going to plant and how it should be done based on location specific factors. 

3. Planning the plot

As soon as there is a go from all concerned parties on the technical plan, we start drafting a detailed plan for the tree planting. As we always strive to work with local communities, we seek out the right local parties to help us execute the project such as labor contractors and nurseries with the appropriate native species. 

4. Showtime! 

We pick a good time to start planting based on climate predictions. The planting season runs from October to April. The most important precondition is humid soils to ensure the trees root well. 

5. Monitoring 

Once the trees are in the ground, the baseline monitoring begins. We tag trees, along with its characteristics, that go in our database. This helps us assess how the technical plan was executed. From that moment on, the trees are visible on Gaia, our reforestation dashboard. This is how we fully deliver on our promise to create impact you see.

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