Planting trees is big business

When we started Land Life Company in 2013, we found ourselves needing to explain the relevance of planting trees to restore land and combat climate change to businesses. The world has changed a lot since then. Nowadays, we are happy to see reforestation becoming a trend and being incorporated into the company’s sustainability programs. And we see this being done in different ways and for various reasons – some want to plant trees to give back to their communities and others want to remove carbon emissions, but the overall consensus is: reforestation is a desired and necessary climate solution. 

We want to share how some of the companies we work with are taking part in reforestation. From striving to be carbon neutral to offering customers the chance to offset carbon emissions, here are a few examples of why these businesses plant trees:


Nefit-Bosch is planting trees to compensate for the CO2 emissions of their new customers. As a producer of innovative heating systems, Nefit-Bosch is committed to creating a social and ecological balance to conduct business sustainably. One of the pillars of their sustainability strategy is to save resources for future generations. In line with their company-wide ambition to become CO2 neutral in 2020, Nefit-Bosch introduced a CO2 compensation program in the Netherlands for its high-efficiency boilers. A neat concept where anyone who buys a boiler can compensate their CO2 emissions for an entire year. For each participant in the program, Nefit-Bosch will plant the equivalent amount of trees needed to compensate for the emissions of a high-efficiency boiler. Nefit-Bosch specifically chose to plant with Land Life Company because of the high tech and innovative approach that matches Bosch’s sustainable heating technologies.

Nordian Capital Partners 

Private equity fund Nordian Capital Partners aims to turn carbon removal into a solid business case. In 2019, Nordian Capital Partners became CO2 neutral, becoming the first 100 percent CO2-neutral private equity firm in the Netherlands. They achieved this goal by measuring their own CO2 emissions, as well as the emissions of their portfolio companies, with the intention to bring down numbers each year with a variety of measures. To compensate for the remaining emissions, Nordian Capital Partners is investing in reforestation projects with Land Life Company in both Spain and Texas. Gregor Beusmans, partner at Nordian, said: “Change the world and start at home. We’re doing this because we think it’s right.”


Redevco’s reforestation efforts are geared toward compensating the CO2 emitted by its office operations. The real estate company has committed to making its entire portfolio net zero carbon by 2040. Their public pledge is part of the continuous efforts of the real estate investment management company to act responsibly and reduce its impact on the environment. 

Clemens Brenninkmeijer, head of sustainable business operations at Redevco, said: “At Redevco we are convinced that we need to lead by example to inspire our client investors and tenants to support our Mission 2040. In line with our ambition to make our entire portfolio net zero carbon by 2040, we have taken various measures to decrease the footprint of our office operations as well. We have for example installed LED lighting in all offices, solar panels on the roof of our Amsterdam office and reduced our company travel emissions by promoting electric driving and public transport. We are planting trees with Land Life Company to make both a positive impact on the climate and to compensate for the CO2 that is emitted annually by our office operations.”