See how we use tech in 5 photos

It’s not only about planting trees. It’s about planting the right tree in the right place at the right time. One of the things that sets Land Life Company apart is the type of tech we use and how we use it. Everything we do is geared toward designing planting methods that will have the largest climate impact, while also benefiting local communities. From selecting a variety of resilient tree species to assessing specific site risks and opportunities to routinely tracking the health of each planting – the technology we use allows us to maximize our impact. 

1: First, we fly

Drones help us map out the landscape and develop a terrain analysis. As drones can cover more ground and see hard-to-reach places, they collect data in a much more efficient way than by foot. 

Benefits: Increases project efficiency, increases precision and reduces project costs.

2: Then, we design

After the drone collects data from the planting site, our engineer and ecology experts create a soil and climate model and combine it with a 3D terrain analysis. This information is then used to design our planting blueprint. 

Benefits: Increases planting efficiency, increases survival rates and maximizes climate impact.

3: Then, we plant

GPS enabled planting systems help us plant more trees in a shorter amount of time. We always have people on the ground, but we combine tech so we can cover more ground and, ultimately, have a bigger impact. 

Benefits: Increases efficiency and maximizes climate impact.

4: Then, we monitor and continue monitoring throughout the tree’s life cycle

Once the trees are in the ground, we use the Land Life Company tree monitoring app to track statistics such as height and vigor. This information is sent to our database and analyzed to measure specific tree species and the overall health of a planting. We use this information to continually enhance our planting techniques and impact.  

Benefits: Increases data collection, provides ability to enhance planting methods and  reduces risks. 

5: Finally, it’s time to share

Sharing is caring. Project details – such as the tree species planted, how much carbon is being captured and the specific location of a planting site – are all viewable in our Land Life Company’s global reforestation dashboard. This makes it possible to see all aspects of the project and track the trees’ life cycle in a transparent and shareable way. 

Benefits: Provides transparency, increases engagement and creates a feedback loop.