Seeking Reforestation Partnerships Manager


Our mission is to help restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land with sustainable approaches and disruptive technologies. We plant trees at scale across the globe to kickstart ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. We are an international nature restoration company based in the Netherlands with local teams in Spain and the US. We work with corporations, governments and large-scale NGO’s to rebuild nature, create carbon sinks and reconnect people and planet. We are a fast growing company and are constantly bringing new business models and climate solutions to our customers and partners. In 2013, the company was founded by Jurriaan Ruys (former McKinsey partner) and Eduard Zanen (founder of Bugaboo).

In 2019, we restored more than 1,000 hectares of land globally, planting over 1 million trees in Spain, the US, Australia and other countries. Growing by also a factor of three each year Land Life Company is becoming a global leader in ecosystem restoration.


Restoring ecosystems has the greatest potential for combating climate change and making degraded land productive and healthy once again. Our model is based on setting up partnerships with land owners who want to restore the land they own. We work mainly with public and non-profit landowners, including for example the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The Reforestation Partnerships manager is responsible for designing and implementing strategies and plans for new afforestation/reforestation projects. This role will require a combination of research, strategy and implementation.

To successfully set up new partnerships, you will need to build a large and strong network of landowners and other organizations. You will need to bring across Land Life’s business model and identify innovative ways of working with different landowners depending on our mutual requirements and preferences. It will also require working with lawyers, permit specialists, LLC operations engineers and LLC scientists to determine whether sites are suitable for planting projects and to lead the process of contract negotiations with the landowner

The role will be based in California with extensive travel throughout the country.


The responsibilities of a Reforestation Partnerships manager will include but will not be limited to:

  • Research the landscape of land ownership in the US
  • Develop a strategy for reforestation partnerships
  • Manage and build on relationships with existing partners
  • Liaise with large public land owners
  • Find innovative ways to partner with other organisations (corporate, public, NGOs)
  • Lead negotiations with landowners or land managers from start to finish


The following outlines our target profile;

  • 10+ years of relevant work experience, previous roles in areas related to land concessions and stakeholder consultation (e.g. large-scale renewable energy sectors, rural development, or environmental sustainability) is especially valued;
  • Creative and strategic thinker
  • Completed academic degree, focus on ecology or biology is a plus
  • Relevant senior networks with corporate, NGO and government entities in the US
  • Knowledge of nature restoration and/or carbon offsetting market
  • Strong networking skills
  • Comfortable working independently

What do we offer?

Competitive start-up salary, exposure to a fast growing international restoration company, opportunity to travel.


Please submit your application (resume and cover letter) to Willemijn Stoffels at

We aim to onboard our Reforestation Partnerships manager as soon as possible.