This Is Land Life


There are 2 billion hectares of degraded land worldwide,
Space for trees to grow, communities to benefit and ecosystems to thrive.

At Land Life Company we have one mission: To restore.
Answering nature-based questions with nature-based solutions
Rebuilding ecosystems is at our core.

We plant trees and grow forests and with that, there is so much to gain:
Boost biodiversity, improve groundwater, stabilize soil, cooling effects,
remove CO2 and promoting the fall of rain.

The problem isn’t small, so we plant trees at scale.
Our projects are designed by science and enabled by the technology we develop,
with monitoring, data and AI, we are transparent with every detail.

A shared challenge is a shared solution, so we work together:
With landowners, companies, local communities, NGOs, academia…
Collectively we have the power to make changes we can measure!

At Land Life Company we believe all this is possible, and we believe this power is in a tree,
To bring nature back to a healthy level, creating impact you can see.



Nature has held the answers to restoring the planet for millennia. That is to say, ecosystem balance relies on healthy balanced ecosystems. This is what we do, restore land to a healthy level by planting trees so they not only sequester CO2, but also allow the native flora and fauna to thrive.



We see that tree planting brings a host of benefits. We approach planting trees in a holistic way, holding all these benefits as equally important. For example, we boost biodiversity by working to rebuild migration corridors and use iconic species to measure the success of our biodiversity goals. 


Science and technology are at the forefront of our reforestation. We use models to predict the carbon capture of projects, collect and use data to constantly monitor and improve our projects and use Site Productivity Assessments to really understand the history and predict what is needed for sites we are planting on. By using our own technology and research, we are able to plant trees at scale without compromising the quality of our projects.


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes even more actors to plant and look after new trees. Local communities play a pivotal role in ensuring projects last long after the trees have been planted. Landowners help us access land that could otherwise have remained degraded. Companies work with us as we help them achieve their sustainability goals. Academia brings new research around tree planting and reaffirms the best practices of how to proceed with projects. Partnerships are very important to scaling up. There is no way of achieving the success of projects without these other actors.