From the field

Trees for water

Zacatecas’ modern history revolves around the mining industry. The Spanish started a ‘silver rush’ here in the 16th century and mining remains an important part of the economy today.

However, drought combined with the impacts of the mining industry have resulted in decreased groundwater infiltration and contaminated undeground reservoirs. As a result, 600 communities

in Zacatecas do not have access to clean drinking water. CONAFOR, the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, has therefore committed to planting 105,000 trees in the area to help clean the groundwater and increase rainfall capture. To kick off this ambitious project, an initial 1,000 pinyon pine trees will be planted with the Cocoon in December 2017 as a pilot.

If the survival rates are high, the project will be scaled up in 3 additional locations; Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.