Reforesting Australia Now

Land Life's mission is to help restore the world's 2 billion hectares of degraded land, which is why we've been working in Australia since 2019, with projects in 3 different states. Discover what we are doing and how you can join our mission here!

1 million trees planted in Australia

1 million trees planted in Australia

Since 2019, we have restored +1,500 hectares of land lost to deforestation, wildfires or over-farming in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Planting back the native bush

Planting back the native bush

Land Life always selects the most effective mix of native species to maximize the project’s impact on wildlife, the air, water, soil and local communities.

Working locally with trusted partners

Working locally with trusted partners

Projects are funded by our global clients and implemented by our local team. We partner with Cassinia Environmental and the University of Melbourne for delivery excellence.

Lets Reforest Australia Now

Do you own degraded land? Join our mission now!

Get your land restored at no expense

Key factors to consider
Your land

More than 30 hectares of degraded land

Tree permanence ensured for at least 40 years

Climate & History

Average annual rainfall of more than 250 mm

Land degraded with no or very sparse native vegetation present

Land not intentionally cleared of vegetation in the past 10 years


Nearby tree nurseries to provide quality seedlings

Terrain accessible for machinery


Let's restore Australia now!

Let's restore Australia now!

If you own degraded land or want to join our nature restoration mission in Australia, contact us today.