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3 ways Land Life Company uses tech to plant trees

As a tech-driven reforestation company, it is our mission to help restore the 2 billion hectares of degraded land in the world. This is a big challenge. To make this a reality, we rely heavily on an array of technologies to help us in whatever way we can to increase the scale, efficiency and transparency of our plantings.

  • Land Life
  • 2023

Here are 3 ways we use technology to our advantage:

1. Designing the most efficient way to plant the trees

It all starts at the design phase. Because we want to optimize the carbon sequestration and reduce the project costs, we use ecological and environmental data to determine optimal areas for tree planting. We create a holistic 3D soil and climate model, and combine this with drone based terrain analysis. That’s right. We use our drones to gather specific data, and we use the information to create a detailed baseline and planting blueprint. This allows our trees to be planted efficiently and in such a way that it maximizes our climate impact. 

Drone-based terrain analysis

2. Planting at maximum speed

When planting trees, we aim for scale, speed and high survival rates. We use a GPS enabled automated planting system to plant trees efficiently. We want to take our planting systems a step further, so we are currently developing new technologies that will be launched over the coming year.

Project manager, Hielke Heida, uses the monitoring app we developed in-house to collect data on a planting in Spain.

Project manager, Hielke Heida, uses the monitoring app we developed in-house to collect data on a planting in Spain.

3. Monitoring as much data as possible to keep optimizing the process

We are planting over 2 million trees this year, and are monitoring, at scale, by tracking the location, species, vigor and other vital statistics. We do this through a monitoring app built in-house. Once the trees are over a meter in height, we use drones, along with machine learning algorithms, to geolocate our trees and monitor their growth and survival. Satellites take over the monitoring when the trees are around 5 years old. All data is stored in the Land Life Company database, which we use for further analyses, creating a continuous feedback loop. Project details and monitoring data are made accessible to our customers through an online Dashboard.

Land Life Company Dashboard

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It shows that technology is vital to achieve our mission, and that our tech, in combination with our excellent ops team on the ground, is what makes large-scale and efficient reforestation a reality.

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