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Planting Tech
Planting Tech

Incotec and Land Life join forces to accelerate global reforestation

Smart seed coating important step in scaling of reforestation efforts

  • Active Since: 2021
  • Trees planted: 640K trees

Smart seed coating

Scaling reforestation efforts

Seed enhancement company Incotec and tech-driven reforestation company Land Life have signed an MoU to collaborate in a pioneering project integrating smart coating technologies on tree seeds. This project is intended to scale up reforestation practices as it enables Land
Life to seed large areas of land. This is a solution to ramp up reforestation in a world of ecological decline.

The partnership is based on the common focus of both parties to leverage innovation to mitigate climate change. Incotec applies its technology to enhance seeds, including improving and controlling the
germination of seeds by using special treatments and coatings.

“Incotec and Land Life share the belief that Smart Seed Coating is the way forward to scale and step up resilient reforestation in response to climate change. Extending the planting window, simplifying logistics, controlling germination and increasing species richness will boost biodiversity.”

Arnout AsjesCTO Land Life

Coated seeds are already common practice in agriculture, but hardly in forestry. Land Life applies technologies across the value chain and
brings innovations into the field for successful, large-scale reforestation.

Smart tree seeds

After Incotec’s selection procedure on seed viability, tree species specific coatings are applied to enhance seed performance in the field. The coatings protect the seeds awaiting favorable germination conditions, and by doing so extend the planting window. Conventional plantings are limited to the rainy season. Coatings further control and support germination and facilitate mechanical handling, particularly in the case of very small seeds. All together these smart tree seeds simplify
logistics, expand scale of operations and reduce costs. The first coated seeds will be introduced on various sites in Colorado, USA, Victoria, Australia and Northern Spain.

“Incotec wishes to expand its portfolio from mainly agricultural uses to forestry. The special bonus here is that we can contribute to global nature restoration. An extra element to our prime mission to contribute to feeding the world in a sustainable way. We are very excited about this partnership with Land Life and have high hopes for the results, which will benefit us and future generations.”

Erik Jan BartelsMD, Incotec