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Sia Pattern

Meet Sia, Your Reforestation Dashboard

Sia is Land Life's innovative dashboard for real-time reforestation tracking. Get transparent and detailed insights into your nature impact with Land Life's Sia.

Unveiling Sia: Intuitive Reforestation Tracking

Project monitoring

Transparency is of key importance to us, particularly when it comes to sharing information about our projects with partners and customers. Therefore, we developed our in-house dashboard, SIA – to communicate project progress with customers and partners in real-time. There, we can update them with images and stories from the field. SIA users can see their trees grow and learn more about where they are planting and why each project is uniquely impactful.

Technology has always been at the core of Land Life, when it comes to monitoring, part of that is to ensure that we clearly share the impact our projects are having so people working with us can communicate about the impact they are making.

Updated stories from the field

SIA is not only a tool but our window into the field, telling us project stories, capturing live images, and tracking the nitty-gritty details. SIA can tell us how tall our trees are, how many trees are planted, and how much CO2 they are expected to capture over the next 40 years.

Easy, Transparent and Detailed Analysis of your Impact

SIA has one purpose: to create a transparent nature restoration experience. We want our customers to know precisely what is happening in the field. We want SIA users to have a newsreel of stories and images they can share and use to show the impact they are making. We want our customers to feel wholly involved in the planting process. SIA answers these questions, giving customers the unique opportunity to track their progress without traveling to some of the degraded land areas that are harder to reach.

SIA creates a meaningful dialogue, giving a clear insight into how we do what we do and the critical impact projects have on biodiversity, climate and local communities.

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