Changing seasons and budding trees

It has been a complicated year for the world, but we are happy to report that our projects are still pushing forward. We are continuing to grow, right alongside our trees! 

Before the pandemic hit this winter, we had just completed our biannual monitoring of our planted trees in northern Spain. Our operations team visited the region of Castilla y León, which struggles with lack of natural forest regeneration, as well as population loss due to rural abandonment. 

Spain is one of the most severely affected by desertification in Europe,  due to centuries of forest fires, clearing for grazing and agriculture and climate change. It’s imperative to reverse this trend: It is vital to grow healthy, resilient forests here for climate and social impact. 

During our monitoring field visits, we assess the planting site and measure the trees’ vigor and height. Using Land Life Company’s monitoring app, the collected data is then logged and compared to past information. This allows us to consistently track the health of our trees, as well as evaluate and adjust our tactics to improve future plantings and survival rates. Another important part of the monitoring process is using drones to survey the planting locations, as well as collect visuals that we are excited to share with you today. 

In tune with the changing of seasons, the land and our trees are turning from brown to green. This means we went back to Spain in June and July to check in on how things are advancing. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a sneak peak of how much progress can be made in regreening the land in a short period of time.