#TogetherWithNature, We Plant Trees & Grow Forests

Below is a reproduction of the blog Land Life Company produced as a signatory of the Together With Nature campaign. Together With Nature is a call to corporate leaders and all sectors, to commit to Four Principles for investing in Nature-Based Solutions. The Four #TogetherWithNature Principles were defined by scientists, experts and NGOs from the climate, ecology and biodiversity movements in May 2020. 

Reforestation is one of the most effective climate solutions to date. What’s remarkable about trees is that they do so much more for ecosystems than simply capture CO2. This is what Land
Life Company believes and invests in. That is why trees are our business.

And it is serious business given how nature restoration through reforestation can transform and improve localities for human, animal and plant-life. This is why we are committed to restoring resilient ecosystems along with CO2 sequestration through our end-to-end reforestation

Still, you need not take our word for it. These are more than just claims we make to sell trees and grow forests; these are claims supported by the scientific community. Planting seedlings and growing healthy trees at scale can:

  • Improve soil quality and combat erosion;
  • Increase the land’s capacity for water retention;
  • Boost resilience (e.g., by mitigating risk of fire or pests); and
  • Encourage biodiversity (both plant and animal).

And for us, nature restoration is not just about the speed of putting seedlings in the ground, it is about ensuring the quality of the forest to be. That is why, even in the pre-planting phase, we put our teams in the field and use drones to ensure data collection for accurate site design and tree species mix.

Why? While planting a few fast-growing species may provide immediate land cover and carbon capture gains, its long-term benefits become questionable. Selecting only fast-growing species
can negatively impact landscape tolerance to drought, along with reducing local biodiversity and soil health. This, in turn, can lead to carbon sequestration that is less stable.

We are keenly aware that being thoughtful about how one is using nature’s tools to restore land will impact the result. That is why, together with the landowners we partner with, we commit to leaving the trees we have planted for several decades – because the long-term consequences of our nature-based solutions matter. As you can see, once we put the seedlings into the ground our work has only just begun.

In the first three years following a planting, we visit field sites multiple times a year to collect data about our seedlings with our own monitoring app. Subsequently, we utilize remote sensing
throughout the year to ensure we are growing a healthy forest. Developing proprietary technologies for forestry, and applying them in the field before, during and after planting is crucial to
ensuring our trees’ success.

Nature-based solutions such as using trees to regreen landscapes and remove CO2 from the air may be among our best tools. Yet attention to quality and long-term ecosystem resilience and sustainability is key to making the most impact.

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