Land Life’s Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Member 1

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte – Thünen Institute

As Head of the Institute of Forest Ecosystems at the Thünen Institute, a German Federal Research Institute, Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte focuses on forest resources, climate protection, soil protection, forest health, and forest ecology and biodiversity.

Member 2

Prof. Dr. Ir. GMJ (Frits) MohrenWageningen University

Professor of Forest Ecology and Forest Management at Wageningen University. His research interest has shifted in recent years from the production ecology of trees and forests to the analysis of management systems and the knowledge and information needed for this.

Member 3

Prof. Dr. Santi Sabaté – University of Barcelona

Co-author of GOTILWA+ and professor at the University of Barcelona. His research interests include studying forest structure and functioning, carbon, water, and nutrient balances, as well as the ecophysiological responses of forests to climate change, drought, forest fires, and forest management.

Member 4

Prof. Dr. Belinda Medlyn – Western Sydney University

Distinguished Professor Belinda Medlyn leads the Climate and Forest Ecosystem Modelling Group at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University. Her research focuses on developing evidence-based models for ecosystem productivity, water use, and species composition in response to global change.

Member 5

Prof. Dr. Klaus Puettmann – Oregon State University

Prof. Dr. Klaus Puettmann is a renowned faculty member in the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society at Oregon State University’s College of Forestry in the United States. His research interests span silviculture, forest ecology, and sustainable forest management, focusing on understanding and managing complex forest ecosystems for multiple values and services.