Land Life Company forms Scientific Advisory Board

So without further ado, let’s introduce the members of the SAB to date:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte – Thünen Institute

Head of the Institute of Forest Ecosystems, one of the 14 institutes making up the Thünen Institute, a German Federal Research Institute under the auspices of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte specializes in forest resources and climate protection, soil protection and forest health and forest ecology and biodiversity.

Prof. Dr. Ir. GMJ (Frits) MohrenWageningen University

Professor of Forest Ecology and Forest Management at Wageningen University. His research interest has shifted in recent years from the production ecology of trees and forests to the analysis of management systems, and the knowledge and information needed for this. He is particularly interested in the growth of trees and forests in relation to soil and climate.

Prof. Dr. Santi Sabaté – University of Barcelona

He is the Co-author of GOTILWA+; a model that simulates forest growth under different scenarios of management and environmental conditions and is used for research, as well as a tool for practical forest-related courses. His research interests and lecturing activities have been the study of forest structure and functioning, carbon, water, and nutrient balances, as well as ecophysiological responses of forests to climate change, drought, forest fires and forest management.

We feel honored to work with such esteemed and prestigious academics in the reforestation field. Given the broad expertise of the SAB in the field of restoration of forested landscapes in different parts of the globe, the SAB’s advice and recommendations will greatly strengthen Land Life Company’s performance, both in and out of the field.